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I am glad to welcome on About us page of gritwill.comThe purpose of make to this page is that bring the reader to come closer to gritwill.com in one step. I hope you get more familiar with gritwill.com after reading this page.  Hope after reading this page you will get to know more about this blog and me.

After my patience and hardwork i have just started to make that website. The purpose to make this website http://www.gritwill.com is that. Through this blog, the people I want to inform the world of the only main news and just tried to give some benficial tips and tricks. And, also try to teach “How to” do anything. I want to tell the people. About the real world as well as imagination world and beyond the imagination world. I often see people to be get absence of accurate information, they have to face losses of more time on newspaper and magzine. So i want to give people some tips and tricks, teach, and dating and tell some thing about girls. So that your world become easier and get short and full things.

Through this blog, I want to give you each and every news, tips and tricks, and how to etc about the world which is important for you. So you don’t need to read boring full magazine, newspaper & articles and to watch the news on tv.

We focus on articles related to technology, gadget, top things in the world how to gudies, tricks and tips on various topics, videos, etc.,

About meRohit kashyap

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Hello guys, welcome to my website http://gritwill.com and let me introduce myself here. I am Rohit Kashyap –CEO and Co-founder of  http://gritwill.com. Also i  am an direct selling expert. I am an motivational speaker. I am an corporate leader in an IT Revolutionary comapany ASPIRE WORLD IMAGINATIONS PVT LTD.

I am student of Bsc. Electronics(hons.) branch from asia’s No 1 university “DELHI UNIVERSITY” Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Science. I love it technolgy and i m addicted to technolgy. i love things related to technology

As I said, Technology is my passion. But I literally say that i make this blog for conversation. I want to share My experience or My knowledge with the world. Which I feel now a days. I love to learn new things every day. As i don”t want that people not get wrong information. Here i will give some tips about tech, realtionship and health & lifestyle. At 2016, I started working on the internet and later I make website. As i tell u. I am addicted to technolgy. So I have finding The ways to How to make websites. I do notice that people really like to meet him and get to know new people. This is a small beginning of my to make a better world.

please comment on my post to make better. If you observed any mistakes in my blog than also comment or contact me. Because i am just a beginner. And also give me suggestion to make better blog and better world.

Thanks for visit here.

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Email : contact@gritwill.com

About Gritwill Blog :

Gritwill.com is  launched in August 2016 and it focuses on how to Guides and tips and tricks, dating tips and things about relationship on various topic which includes blogging, gadgets etc. Gritwill provides latest new about the entertainment, new technology updates, innovation  tips and tricks, full guideness etc.

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Email : contact@gritwill.com

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